Besan ke laddoo

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Recipe NameBesan ke laddoo
Main IngredientsBesan
Recipe Ingredients2 cups of besan, 2/3 cup of melt desi ghee, some chopped almond , pistachios,1tsp green cardamom powder, 1cup of powder sugar
Instructions2 cups of besan roast for 12-15 mins on slow
Then after roasting take 2/3 cup of melt desi ghee & add in besan & mix very well & roast for 5-8 mins shut the stove
Then put away on aside to cool down . When it is cooled down then add some chopped almond , pistachios, add 1tsp green cardamom powder & 1cup of powder sugar or according to taste & now mix well with hand & make round balls I mean laddoo & put some chopped almonds on it .
Serve now .
DescriptionMouth watering and delicious Indian sweet full of energy
Link or Name of SourceVimmi's hand written recipes