Banana Nut Cake

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Recipe NameBanana Nut Cake
Main IngredientsBanana, Maida
Recipe Ingredients• 1/3 cup oil • 1 cup maida • 1 sugar (powdered) • 1 tsp baking powder • 1 tsp baking soda • ½ tsp salt • ¾ cup ripe mashed bananas • ½ cup dahi • 3 eggs • ½ cup chopped walnuts
InstructionsAdd dry ingredients to oil. Add banana pulp and half of dahi. Mix well.
Add remaining dahi and eggs. Beat again. Fold in half nuts. Micro high minutes. Garnish with nuts.
DescriptionMicrowave cooking recipe
Link or Name of SourceHarsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.